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Best Places To Visit In Southeast Asia


Traveling in Southeast Asia is a very pleasurable experience and best places to visit are varied and amazingly varied. There are many exciting and fantastic places to see and do in this part of the world.

These amazing locales have something unique and exotic to offer and make for a superb holiday. Some places have the feel of a small village, while others can be like big cities. Each place has its own charm.

These places are greatly diverse in their appearance and with the multi-culturalism in them, the visitors are bound to find a special place that they enjoy spending their holiday at. These places are easy to get to and all you need to do is head towards Bangkok and then be on your way.


The most popular destination in Thailand is the city of Bangkok. The city offers various options and attractions to the visitors.

Koh Samui

Koh Samui is another major island in Thailand. It is a very popular destination that is visited by many visitors from the mainland every year. Koh Samui is popular because of its natural beauty.

Penang Island

Penang Island is also another place of interest. It is called the Spice Island because of its different elements of spices and plants. Tourists love to spend their holiday here and there are many resorts and hotels that offer exquisite accommodation options for visitors.

Langkawi Island

Langkawi Island is one of the most famous bird sanctuary in the world. It is one of the places in the world where you can enjoy a bird-watching tour. At the same time, you can also take part in the three day Wildlife Park Tour, which includes taking a jungle tour.

While on your tour to Langkawi Island, you will find a Special Encounter Zoo, which is known for the rare species of animals that are seen in the wild. You can also find lots of excitement during the Bat festival which takes place in Langkawi every year. One of the highlights of the tour is the islands scuba diving activity.


Phuket is also a well-known holiday destination in Southeast Asia. This is because of its location and the amazing wildlife that you can spot here. For the adventurous ones, Phuket offers great diving and snorkeling activities, the luxurious island getaways and wonderful tours that leave you amazed.

Other than these two islands, there are many other places that have the capacity to lure tourists like no other.

When it comes to the best places to visit in Southeast Asia, there are some other major islands that are also considered to be one of the most popular tourist destinations. These are Jomtien Island, Nampo Island, Ramat, Padang, Nai Lemoong, and the other popular islands in Koh Lanta district of Thailand.

If you are looking for an enjoyable holiday experience, look for the best places to visit in Thailand and choose the seascape to see and learn more about the country. You will certainly enjoy your holiday and explore the amazing sights and sounds of the country, as well as the adventure and wildlife in the national parks, beaches, and mountains.

My Personal Experience

  • My Personal Experience To Visit In Southeast Asia A person who has not visited Southeast Asia is like a blind man looking at a concert. I think I must have seen about twenty musical performances in all the cities of the region over my twenty-five years in this country, but somehow I missed the concert that took place in Bangkok. Of course, I remember the musical guests but what about the city that hosted them?
  • I had gone to Bangkok a couple of times before as a tourist, and even though I knew it was one of the world’s greatest music capitals, I never considered going back as a tourist. But when I came back to Asia for an extended vacation, I discovered that I had missed a great concert by listening to several songs on my portable CD player. And since I was already in my second week of vacation in this part of the world, I knew I had to go. Since Thailand is one of the most popular music destinations, I figured that my interest in the national instrument, the guitar, would be normal.
  • A Trip To Bangkok, Thailand As a personal account, I went to Bangkok, Thailand on a Wednesday afternoon to take care of some business and therefore forgot about the concert. When I woke up the next morning, the news was on the television and I saw that The Beatles were in town playing for the fans.
  • That was my first visit to Bangkok, and I learned later that night that the concert had been held in the V&A museum. In fact, they did not play for the audience, they played for the museum. What a great afternoon! The whole afternoon was played out with fun activities like trivia games and a treasure hunt. There were t-shirts for sale for those who participated, as well as “Surprise Two,” a song by The Eagles.
  • The evening was a lot of fun, too, since the band that performed in Bangkok was playing from the rooftop of a hotel that was once the site of the coup. (My personal experience to visit in Southeast Asia: Apparently, the coup night in Bangkok is much more fun than all the other nights.)
  • After the concert, I went out and rented my own band, because as a member of the audience, I could not have enjoyed myself more. Besides, this was going to be a memorable concert, so I decided to pay extra and get a t-shirt that said “Bangkok” on the front.
  • A Trip To Bangkok For another reason, I had chosen to go to Bangkok for an international conference. I am not usually one to try to impress the delegates, but I felt that a concert in a place that had hosted such musical talents as The Beatles would be an eye-opener. And of course, there were people who did go because they heard the concert, but my personal experience to visit in Southeast Asia, I only considered it a fun opportunity to see another culture.
  • Also, another thing that happened when I arrived in Bangkok was that my telephone line jammed. It was then that I realized that I should have kept a pair of earplugs handy. The concert must have ended with one more song, but when I came out, the power was out.
  • When I finally found my way to the V&A museum, I had no idea that I would soon be in the middle of a musical masterpiece. There were three different musicians, a string quartet, who started the concert by playing three different instruments, including strings, woodwinds, and brass. They then played a simple three-chord melody. Afterwards, each musician strummed the strings while the other played woodwind instruments and percussion.
  • My Personal Experience To Visit In Southeast Asia One afternoon, my girlfriend and I went to see a concert at a bar in Phuket, Thailand. I thought that I was going to feel like a bum, but as it turned out, the performers of the concert were amazing and I really enjoyed themselves.

My personal experience to visit in Southeast Asia also gave me a chance to sit in on a Buddhist funeral. I know that most Buddhists are not like the Dalai Lama and that I don’t know too much about Buddhism, but I did sit in with reverence and was close enough to see it happen. Then, later, I walked through the area where a number of bodies were laid to rest, including a well-known Tibetan monk who died a week earlier.

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