Top 10 Best Places To Visit In Canada

This is a huge world with about more than one hundred and ninety five countries. Each country has its own customs, traditions and values. It is these traditions and customs that make one country differ from another country. The tradition, history or custom of each country is depicted in the country’s monuments, buildings, meals in one way or another.  Even though the geographic locations also play an integral role in individualizing the country but traditions are equal contributor in making a separate identity of any country.

Have you ever wondered that how would a world looked like if every country had same traditions and customs? It would definitely be not as vibrant as it seems now. Moreover, would you be interested in exploring the other countries with same customs as your? The answer would definitely be a big no because same things that exists in your country as well would not be able to excite you.


We are fortunate enough to live in the world in which each country even each city has different identity. Similar is the case with Canada, it is the country that is located in the North American and is famous for its aesthetics, musical knowledge, culinary skills and other such things that embodies Canadian culture. There are lots of beautiful places to visit in Canada but we will only be discussing about the top ten best places to visit in Canada.

Best places to visit in Canada

Basically, the definition of best place differs from person to person. Some people consider such a place to be best which has extraordinary scenic beauty while others have the opinion that such a place is best which has the embodiment of country’s  culture and customs. However, we will be discussing about our top ten picks.


Banff, Town in Canada
Banff, Town in Canada

If you love places which have scenic beauty as well as great facilities then Banff is definitely the place for you. It is the town in Canada with huge mountains, blue river and luxurious resort to enjoy in.


It is the city to visit in Canada which is known for artificial beauty that includes huge buildings, museums, theaters and musical places.


Toronto, City in Canada

If we are talking about Canada’s best places to visit then Toronto must be on the list. It is the place that is located along Ontario Lake with huge buildings and great scenic beauty. Toronto is one such place which has natural beauty as well aesthetically made buildings, malls, etc.

4-Moraine Lake

If you are a fan of greenery, mountains and lakes then Moraine Lakeis a place to visit.

5-Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls, City in Canada

It is another place in Canada which is loved by tourists across the world. It is the place where river falls with huge pressure from extreme height.


It is a place in Canada which is famous for holding international events like Olympics.


While living in Canada, how can a person forget to visit the capital of Canada Ottawa which is popular for various buildings and alluring geographic locations?

8- St. Lawrence restaurant

If you are a foodie and looking for a best place to eat then St.Lawrence restaurant located in Vancouver is just the right place for you.

9-Le Mousso restaurant

It is located in Montreal and is famous for its original dishes and beautiful presentation. Moreover, there is not a single dish which does not taste good.


Yorkville in Toronto is also considered as the best restaurant which tourists should definitely visit at least once. They play brilliantly with the flavors and are famous for their menu.

If you want to know six easy steps to get tourist visa for Canada then comment below, i’ll write separate article on this topic.

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