How To Explain Schengen Visa To A Five-Year-Old

How long does it take to get a schengen visa? Europe is heaven. Nothing is better than in Europe. From Stunning Landscapes to Rich Culture.

Crazy Festivals to Amazing Night life From Delicious Foods to Great Study Opportunities Europe has everything for everyone.  If you have made up your mind to visit Europe then this article can be very useful to you.

In today’s article, we are going to explain 5 hacks to get a visa without refusal. Let’s move ahead. 26 Countries 1 Visa Isn’t that Amazing?

Well! With Schengen Visa, you can easily travel to countries like Germany, France, and Spain etc without requiring any separate visa. Now let’s discuss what documents are needed for visa application.

A cover letter mentioning the purpose of your travel, hardcopy of the properly filled form. 2 recently taken photos. A valid passport. Evidence of legal residence – such as national ID card, voting card etc. Travel insurance covering a minimum of 30000 Euros. Proof of booked flight itinerary.

Proof of accommodation like hotel reservation etc. If you are employed then Employment contract. Current bank statement stamped by home branch.

Proof of tax return, Sponsorship letter But If you are a student then Proof of enrollment. No objection certificate from your school or college. Bank statement Sponsorship Letter.

Now let’s discuss tips to get your visa as soon as possible.

Number 1

File your application with your real details. Do not hide anything or confuse them with the data you provide.

Number 2

Be clear about your travel purpose and be prepared to answer the most common questions related to your journey.

Number 3

Your documents should clearly mention your financial stability to sponsor your travel. Most of the visa get rejected coz of financial instability of the applicant Your bank account should maintain a minimum balance of 2500 Dollar on the date of taking your bank statement If you own a credit card, it’s better to attach its statement. This will look good when they are going to observe your financial background.

Number 4

For the flight itinerary, you can use dummy tickets. Many online companies’ issues dummy flight tickets at nominal charges. You can pay them after getting a visa.

Same For accommodation, many online hotel websites like offers pay at hotel feature.

You can book now and pay later when you reach Europe. This is how you can get the travel itinerary without spending the money.

Number 5

On the date of appointment go informal and cooperate with the authorities. During the interview they are going to ask questions regarding your profession, the purpose for travel and what you know about the country you are visiting, etc.

Be ready with all the answers. If your documents are up to date and your interview is positive then you’ll get a visa in just 3 to 4 working days. You don’t need to pay hefty fees to any travel agent. If you have any queries regarding this article, then don’t hesitate to ask us in comments.

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