history of time travel

10 Possible Evidence and History Of Time Travel

When most people think about the evidence of time travel in history, they often don’t recognize that they are actually looking at the proof of travel throughout history. In most cases, they recognize that they are looking at the history of time travelers or that of the more recent ones. Of course, there is a difference between the two.

Evidence of time travel can be found in all corners of our world. Here are 10 possible evidence of travel throughout history.

The First Evidence

The first of these would be perhaps the most famous one, and that would be Rip Van Winkle, who was a notable time traveler. His case was widely publicized and mostly supported by many people. He was claimed to have traveled back in time after his wife committed suicide.

The Second Possibility

The second of the possible evidence of travel is obviously the great cities that have been built. The culture of those cities is evidence of a more advanced civilization than people tend to associate with the “civilization” we are more familiar with.

The Third Evidence

The third of these would be the possibility of time travel. Some of the greatest stories from our history are stories about people who lived in more ancient times. These individuals could have met and known each other thousands of years ago and that was a great example of someone traveling from a time when time had not been invented yet.

The Forth One

The fourth of these is of course travel through time itself. The travel through time between the past and the present of humans are simply a constant. This is generally believed to be due to the laws of gravity that simply cannot be broken.

The Fifth One

The fifth of these is another one of the possible evidence of time travel. This happens when the past of a certain people become the present in some way. It has been theorized that the invention of contact lenses made this possible, but this is likely too far-fetched.

The Sixth Evidence

The sixth of these would be the reverse of travel through time, and would be an example of possible evidence of time travel throughout history. There are certain ways that we can both tell the present and the past. The past could also be controlled, so that you could travel forward in time and back in the past.

The Seventh One

The seventh of these is probably the most well-known of the possibilities for the history of time travel. It involves changing events so that something that happens today would occur in the future. This would allow for the creation of different history.

Number Eight

The eighth of these would be a very similar example of possible evidence of time travel, only this time you would be able to change the past. This might be easier to do than it sounds. We may be able to change our minds, and come up with another version of ourselves.

Number Nine

The ninth of these possibilities for possible evidence of time travel would be time traveling through time in between different points of time. If two individuals were created at the same time, and then later on, one would come into existence first. The other one would be created afterwards, making him or her what is considered to be a “moment” in the “real” timeline.

Finally Tenth

The tenth of the possibilities would be the creation of a new civilization from the records of the old. In some ways, this is easier to pull off. Since the old civilizations would be recorded in the books in the library, the books can be altered in some way so that they would not show what actually happened, but rather what is believed to have happened in that world.

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