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Place To Visit At Bangkok in 2020


Bangkok is a great is a great place to visit , asia and some will say that it’s the most beautiful place in Asia. Its ancient architecture and its picturesque beaches are also very popular tourist attractions.

Bangkok is a large city. The location of this city is on the west coast of Thailand. Because of its size, many tourists come here from different parts of the world to explore the beautiful temples and beautiful beaches.

Bangkok Airways

In order to get a good view of the best parts of Bangkok, it is best to take an airplane. Bangkok Airways offers flights from Europe and North America. You can also take the Bangkok International Airport, which is about two hours away from Bangkok.

For those who prefer to fly into Bangkok, you can take any of the BKK departures. These flights depart from the Bangkok International Airport, Bang Ta Kae, and Surat Thani. These are the main cities of Bangkok.

Asian Delicacies

The city of Bangkok has a lot to offer. It is famous for its large number of Asian delicacies. Among the many varieties of food available, some are quite popular to the general public. One of the most famous of these dishes is Thai Basil Chicken.

It is often cooked with deep-fried vegetables. If you happen to miss your flight, you can try to catch the airlines that fly from Bangkok to the neighboring countries. You can also travel to the country by ferry. This way, you can experience all the good things of Thailand.

There are many tourist attractions in Bangkok. One of the best is a high-end shopping mall called The Ritz Carlton. This is a massive shopping mall with over three thousand stores and restaurants and is known as the largest shopping mall in the world.

The Sentosa Resort

Another popular tourist attraction in Bangkok is The Sentosa Resort. This is a resort owned by billionaire Len Blavatnik. It is a luxurious hotel. It is a great Place To Visit At Bangkok.


Another interesting place to visit at Bangkok is Thailand in Samui. You can spend your days in the sun or, if you don’t want to go swimming, you can just lie around on the beach. There are beaches in this island where you can lie out and you can even swim.

The other fun thing you can do here is watch elephants. You can pay a small entrance fee to have a go on elephant rides. They aren’t anything like riding on the back of a camel though.

Bangkok is a very diverse city. There are many activities for everyone. When you come back home, you can share your experiences with your friends or family. Your impressions will bring back memories of your trip and make you want to come back to Bangkok again.

There are many reasons why Bangkok is a wonderful place to visit. It is crowded, busy, but beautiful at the same time. If you choose to stay at a hotel, there are many good options to choose from.

This is why Bangkok is Famous?

What is Bangkok famous for? Does it have anything to do with the wonder of the nightlife? What does the sightseeing have to do with the food?

  • While there is a lot of buzz surrounding the bars, the clubs and the discos, there are some lesser-known spots that can turn up the heat on Bangkok, make it hotter than you’d like and even turn it into a tropical paradise.
  • If you’re in Bangkok and you’re looking for a down home style Vietnamese BBQ in the heart of the action, head for Little Binh. It’s in the Phahurat area of Old City. You will get fresh, juicy, and delicious Vietnamese pork, along with a great range of sauces to make it more exciting.
  • The other evening meal spot that you may want to try is called Mekheim Bar and Grill. Located inside Soi Cowboy. This restaurant is like a modern-day version of your mom’s American diner. You will enjoy the mix of Asian fusion cuisine and western comfort food.
  • If you want a little more of a bistro-style restaurant, then head to Another Room in Soi Cowboy. You will find rich, creamy meat stew with colorful vegetables, along with aromatic vegetables, fresh basil, and soft beans. This restaurant offers an eclectic blend of Asian and Western food.
  • Fried chicken is probably a staple dish in every Thai household. If you would like to add a little something different to your trip to Bangkok, you should try Phan Thi Vuong for some exotic street food. It is located in Soi Sukhumvit and serves some of the best Thai street food in the city. Youmay want to try the “Oh Soi” which features some of the most incredible Thai street food in town.
  • Located just across the road from Phan Thi Vuong is Krung Thep Khlong. This is an amazing restaurant that is known for its wide variety of Thai dishes. You can go for a simple lunch or dinner to experience all the flavors of Thailand. Make sure you take a look at the Thai community by the aquarium.
  • Thai curry is a special dish that combines fish, pork, and vegetables and is one of the most popular dishes in Bangkok. It is a staple dish in Thailand and a good way to introduce yourself to the different flavors of Thailand. The Hong Kong Thai Cuisine restaurant serves some of the best Thai curries.
  • You may also want to take a look at these if you want to know what is Bangkok famous for. They might surprise you with the secret of the food.

No matter where you travel to in Bangkok, you are bound to find some pretty good Thai restaurants and takeaways. You can get really good Thai food and local specialties, along with a wide selection of Chinese dishes.

Finding the best places to eat in Bangkok is not so difficult, when you know what’s in demand, but what is Bangkok famous for? Well, you can find out once you take a look at this article and start exploring.

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