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Unique Places To Visit in Northern California


When you are thinking about your next trip to California, be sure to consider what is best about North California. You can visit some great towns, but what you might want to do is check out the unique places to visit in Northern California this weekend.

Why are these unique places worth checking out? Well, to start with, they offer a different kind of experience than you would get at any of the other areas in California. Some of the towns you will find are a bit wild and off-the-grid, while others offer a bit more conveniences.


Wiscon-Sinabung is located in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. It offers everything from mountain biking to horseback riding.


Abarca is the largest town in San Miguel de Allende. The town offers visitors plenty of sightseeing opportunities and is known for its gorgeous scenery. It also has many cafes and restaurants to provide residents and visitors with the ingredients for a great day.

San Antonio

South of San Bernardino County, North California’s largest city offers a lot to the visitor. Along with some awesome wine tasting and some great shopping, visitors will find that the town offers plenty of fun and adventure. There are also some very unique local attractions to check out, so be sure to explore the town and see what else you can find.


Located in Tuolumne County, Erundel is a beautiful town to visit. While it does not have the unique shops or attractions of some of the other towns, it offers some great dining and is just a short drive from the coast. There are tons of hiking trails around the area that give hikers the opportunity to take in the wonderful views of the coastline vistas.

Santa Barbara

California’s second largest city is a great place to check out. Known for being “God’s Own Country,” Santa Barbara offers visitors plenty of history and beauty that makes the town and the rest of the state just magical.

While there are not many unique things to do in Northern California, there are some great places to stay and eat in Santa Barbara. There are many vacation rentals, condos, and apartments to choose from, which means that anyone can enjoy a fantastic stay while in Northern California.


This town is one of the southernmost places in the United States and is one of the easiest places to visit on the West Coast. Visitors can enjoy its beautiful beaches and enjoy some of the unique accommodations that are available to them in the area.

Stinson Beach

While there are not many unique things to do in North California, there are a few great ways to spend a nice vacation in Stinson Beach. It is located near Redwood City and features many small shops and restaurants, making it an ideal place to relax and enjoy the sunshine.

Santa Cruz

Located in Southern California, North California is home to many beautiful areas, including Mendocino County and Santa Cruz. However, there are some great places to visit in Santa Cruz County and it is definitely worth a visit.

While there are not many unique places to visit in Northern California, there are a few really nice ones. Whether you want to go fishing or snowboarding, riding horses or snowmobiling, it is definitely worth checking out what is available to you in North California.

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